Our Mission

Our mission is to fight for the health education and resources that students need and deserve. Due to Boston College’s Jesuit Catholic heritage, the university does not allow the Students For Sexual Health (SSH) to register as a student organization at BC.
Our Three Objectives

  •     To promote healthy sexual decision-making for Boston College students by providing necessary information and resources.
  •     To facilitate open and informed dialogues regarding sexual health and sexuality among Boston College students of all genders, ages, and sexual orientations.
  •     To advocate for reform in Boston College’s sexual health policies, and to ensure the recognition of sexual health as a legitimate and necessary aspect of student health on campus.

We are not radical in our pursuit of greater sexual health resources on campus, but rather are committed to pragmatically working with the university administration and campus groups in order to achieve our goals regarding student health at Boston College.

We acknowledge and respect BC’s Jesuit Catholic identity – this is why we care so much about the health and well being of our community.  We have based all of our goals off of steps taken at other Jesuit Catholic universities across America. Each part of our platform follows the precedents set by other Jesuit Catholic universities, like Georgetown, Loyola University- Chicago, Marquette University, and the University of San Francisco (compare the universities).

As active members of the community, we are advocating for students’ health. One of our main goals is to provide access to contraception on campus, specifically condoms. We are not asking the university to fund condom distribution.

One of our other goals is for students to be able to obtain prescriptionsfor birth control at Health Services.  We would like to make note that the contraceptive pill has many medical purposes other than contraception.  As such, a system in which birth control is only available to students citing these medical issues would encourage duplicity on the part of students and in no way do we wish to encourage lying to health professionals; therefore birth control must be made available for medical concerns and as contraception.

One issue that has not been properly addressed in campus discussion is access to emergency contraception.  Emergency contraception, otherwise known as Plan B, is not available at Health Services, not even to students who are survivors of rape and sexual assault.  Georgetown offers Plan B to its survivor students and it is imperative that Boston College does the same.  In a situation where a woman has been sexually assaulted, she deserves the right to maintain her health, both physical and emotional, and Plan B is a part of that.  It must also be noted that Plan B is not the “abortion pill,” but a method of contraception used in emergency situations. The use of Plan B is extremely time sensitive, hence the need for it to be readily accessible on campus – the most convenient place for a BC student.

By advocating for sexual health resources, we are following in the precedent of other Jesuit universities, which greater sexual health education and resources do not interfere with Jesuit ideals, as it is the responsibility of a Jesuit university to educate the whole person. As we stated previously, we are deeply committed to working with university administration, as well as other student groups on campus in order to achieve these goals. Students for Sexual Health is dedicated to protecting the health of Boston College students.